Clare Campbell
Clare has a BSc (Zoology/Marine Biology) and a Graduate Certificate in Captive Vertebrate Management and has extensive experience in species management having worked in zoos for over 13 years, primarily with Primates.
Clare has a particular passion for gibbons and has assisted with the establishment and operations of the Javan Gibbon Centre and Javan Gibbon Reintroduction Program as well as education and capacity building activities in Indonesia. She has also organized International workshops and assisted with the development of Conservation Action Strategies for gibbons. Clare is passionate about many issues that impact on the environment and animal welfare. She strives to educate and inspire others about the issues of our generation and the small changes we can all make to ensure a brighter future. “Experiencing such incredible wildlife in their natural habitat and bearing witness to the immediate threats they face will be an experience that is sure to be life changing”.