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Unforgettable photo expedition
11 days
Upcoming dates:
On request

This is the expedition for nature photographers who want to travel in small groups and have more time with the wildlife!

Trip Highlights:

The main focus on this expedition will be Polar bears in the drifting ice. Svalbard is the best place on earth for photographing Polar bears, and we usually find good numbers of them. The ice situation at this time of year usually allows us to explore the northeastern parts of the archipelago.

We will also photograph other animals like Walruses, Bearded seals, Ringed seals, Humpback whales, Fin whales, Blue whales and Belugas. In July / August the seabirds are leaving the cliffs, and we hope to get some nice photo opportunities of birds like the Brünnicks guillemots.

We will schedule longer stops than usual when going ashore in order to provide participants with enough time to get excellent pictures. We use two zodiac boats to get closer to the wildlife on the ice or when exploring and searching for photo opportunities in front of the glaciers.


Day One. Departure from Longyearbyen through Isfjorden.

Days Two-Four. Heading toward the ice, searching for Polar bears. Depending on the ice conditions, this will probably be north of Spitsbergen and Nordaustlandet.

Day Five. East toward Storøya, searching for Polar bears and walruses.

Day Six. Sailing south toward Bråsvellbreen and into Hinlopen with walruses and bird cliffs.

Days Seven-Nine. Liefdefjorden with the Monaco glacier, north-western corner of Spitsbergen with walruses, seals and great landscape. South to Lilliehööksfjorden and Kongsfjorden, with glaciers, birds and marine mammals.

Day Ten. Sailing south to Prins Karls Forland for our last landing with Walruses, and in the afternoon Alkehornet with bird cliffs, Arctic fox and Svalbard reindeers. Back to Longyearbyen late in the evening around 24:00.

Day Eleven. Leaving the ship and prepare the travel home.

Svalbard is situated at about 80o N, so we schedule the expedition in accordance with prevailing weather and ice conditions.

  • Included:
    • all nights onboard the M/S Origo
    • all meals onboard the vessel
    • expedition leader, guide, guards and other personnel
    • excursions with two Zodiacs
  • Not Included:
    • international airfares
    • overnight accommodation prior to and following the expedition
    • personal travel insurance
    • alcohol and souvenirs purchased onboard the ship